Contributors Within A Territory Include:

Business Accelerators & Incubators – Every territory will have its share of business accelerator and incubator organizations. Their goal is to support and foster the success of small businesses. They are limited by available space as to the number of businesses they can support. Through your system they can help hundreds of businesses they are forced to turn away by providing those businesses with a virtual incubator in the system.

Business Networking Groups – These networks include local groups such as Meetup events, Niche Business Associations, LinkedIn Groups and any event calendars that are addressing group or business events that are taking place within the your territory.

Credit Unions – Credit union lenders are all active within their communities, including participation in their local Chambers of Commerce. The business clients of the local banks and credit unions are engaged through your system.

Vendors – Currently there are over 500,000 businesses in the United States extending credit to other businesses on B2B Net 30, 60, 90 day payments terms. Referral Agents can reach out to these vendors educating them that each business that applies for credit with them should be introduced to the system as either a national account or local contributor.

Business Lenders – Every community has many niche business lenders and business finance brokers that process hundreds of applicants each month with only a handful being approved. These business lenders can give each applicant access to the system to ultimately make all those businesses bankable.

Business Brokers – These brokers specialize in helping people buy and sell businesses. Every seller should make their business bankable to increase its value before they sell and every buyer should be immediately introduced to the system to make their newly purchased business bankable as quickly as possible.

Accountants & Bookkeepers – Every business regardless of its size should be using an accounting or bookkeeping firm to keep their financial records and prepare their taxes. These professional already have established rapport with their business clients and can easily recommend and introduce them to the system.

Business Mentors & Consultants – Business coaching and mentoring firms earn their money by helping business owners make better decisions. There is no better decision than to make a business bankable before it is seeking funding rather try and play catch up after the fact.