Territory Owner Revenue

The goal is for each Territory Owner to be placing hundreds of businesses into their system each month.

Success Packages - Recurring Revenue

To Become Bankable businesses must become Lender Compliant and establish at least 10 reporting credit tradelines. These actions require the business owners to spend money on a recurring monthly basis. One major way a Territory Owner creates revenue is by the businesses signing up for a 10 tradeline reporting package of products and services their business needs. The success package is $497 a month of which the Territory Owner receives 30%. Each package is on a 12 month contract and therefore generates $1800 in gross annual revenue to the Territory Owner.

Getting To Your First Million

Each time a business signs up for a $497 per month 10 reporting tradeline Success Package the Territory Owner books $1,800 in gross annual revenue. Your million dollar revenue math is fairly simple. $1 million in annual gross revenue equals 555 success packages sold . Then valuation multiples for this type of recurring revenue business could as high as 5 times gross annual revenue or higher.

One Tradeline At A Time

Each time a small business owner corrects a Lender Compliance item within the system, or establishes a Vendor credit line, a revenue generation event is created. The small business owner must pay for each; entity formed, virtual office leased, VOIP phone system setup, website created, etc. There are about 20 items of them throughout the system. The small business owner is presented with items they need to become Lender Compliant.

Revenue From Funding

The Territory Owner shares in the revenue generated when the business owners opt-in for successful funding program closings. When a business pre-qualifies for a funding program and they opt-in for that program, they contract for a success-fee payment to be made upon funding closing. These successful funding program closing fees are revenue shared with the Territory Owner.

It All Starts With Completed Pre-Qualification Assessments

The more small businesses placed into the system the more gross revenue the Territory Owner generates. The minimum goal for each Territory Owner is to have 200 Pre-Qualification Assessments completed. Each Territory has the contact data on over 100,000 businesses making this a goal of less than 0.2% completing assessments each month.