What Is The Process To Actually Getting A Client Funded?

The Pre-Qualification Assessment
Completing The Pre-Qualification Assessment

The first step in the funding process is to have your client complete a business pre-qualification assessment. This is a quick three part survey which is part of your system. It determines the funding programs your clients are pre-qualified for now. Inside your system, your clients have a dashboard that shows them each funding program and allows them to opt-in for those funding programs they want to know more about.

The Opt-In Acceptance Process
The Opt-In Acceptance Process

When your clients are pre-qualified for funding programs they are shown the features, benefits, and an overview of those funding programs. They then have the ability to opt-in. When they choose to opt-in they are asked a few more questions specific to that funding program and their request for information is sent to the lenders for that funding program. The lenders will discuss the rates, terms, and conditions for the funding approval.

Knowing What To Do For More
Knowing What To Do For More

Getting funded right now is great. What is better is knowing what all the funding programs require for approval and what to do to have their business pre-qualify for much more in the future. Your system lets your clients see the approval criteria of every funding program, and shows them exactly what they need to do to pre-qualify for each funding program before they apply.

Your Business Funding System

Your business clients need access to funding. Your system gives them that access and much more. Your system helps them to optimize their Fundability before applying. It lets them know what they pre-qualify for before they apply. And it lets them see what they need to do to pre-qualify.

With your system, you are giving your clients the test answers before they take the test. Nowhere in the search engines can they find this and almost no lenders are going to tell them before they apply.

With your system, your clients will have the access to working capital they need to succeed and they will be able to secure credit terms for almost every product or service that they need to grow. And you did all that for them!

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