Elevator Pitches For Meetings & Events

System Flyover

Create a buzz by talking about what the system is, what it does, and how it helps small businesses startup, grow, succeed, and create jobs.

Community Networks

Bring your community together by letting them know how Community Success Networks are here to empower every local small businesses.

Lender Compliance

Capture attention by speaking how the simple items of Lender Compliance have been getting them declined and they didn't even know.

Concierges & Advisors

Letting business owners know that they have free access to Fundability Concierges and Funding Advisors is a huge win for you.

Business Credit Optimization

When you speak about what it takes to optimize business credit to make their businesses fundable, you will have their complete attention.

Personal Credit Optimization

Every business owner will stop and listen when you talk about what business lenders need to see on personal credit reports.

4,000+ Business Lenders

Being the ambassador for a system that provides free access to over 4,000 business lenders is enough to get you on their event planning "A" list.

3,000+ Vendor Credit Lines

As an Ambassador, you will come to their events armed with the free gift of giving them access to more than 3,000 vendor credit lines.

Recorded Webinars

Creating a million dollars in recurring revenue by helping only 500 businesses. Watch This Recorded Webinar Now. (16 min)

Recruiting Referral Agents to reach your million dollar recurring revenue goal. Watch This Recorded Webinar Now. (13 min)

How live events and meetings will earn you a million dollars or more. Watch This Recorded Webinar Now. (11 min)

Contributors. Making their relationships earn millions for you and them. Watch This Recorded Webinar Now. (10 min)

The million dollar pitch - Is your Business Bankable? Watch This Recorded Webinar Now. (19 min)

Keys to getting your Territory to the first million in recurring revenue. Watch This Recorded Webinar Now. (11 min)