Territory Lease To Own Program

Why Lease To Own?

The territory lease to own program allows you to prove it to yourself that this is a business worth owning. In fact this is a business that can be worth millions when you go to sell it. Leasing it allows you to lock in the purchase price without yet committing to the long term purchase. Basically for a small investment you have the opportunity to build your own million dollar business while locking up a territory and locking in a much lower price.

How Does It Work?

The lease to own program has a low fix monthly payment that is covered by just a handful of Success Packages sales. The lease to own comes with a purchase option that once it reachs $10,000 a month in gross monthly revenue that triggers the purchase. By that time the purchase monthly payment is less than half of the established recurring monthly revenue and your territory is paying for itself.

Build It First Then Own It

Think of it like a custom spec home that you work with the contractors to build. Then you get to lease it and lock in its purchase price. Once its value has doubled or tripled you still get to buy it at the greatly reduced price.

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