Fundability Maintains Two Extensive Business Record Databases



20+ Million Existing Businesses

This database contains the records of more than 20 million existing businesses. These records are; company name, address, phone, websites, key contact, number of employees, gross revenue range, SIC code, and industry niche. This database is filtered for each Territory by Zip Codes and available for marketing purposes. These records are updated quarterly with an average 2% to 3% amount of updates required.


60+ Million Business Email Records

Fundability also maintains a key contact database that includes 60+ million email address records. This database is also updated quarterly but with a 15% to 20% record change/update factor due to the more fluid nature of emails and people changing jobs. Once a Territory Owner has selected a niche they want to market to, the email addresses for that niche can be crossed referenced and appended. For example a Territory Owner might select "accounting firms" and get results of 400 accounting firms within their territory. Then they can appended email records to that filtered list which might return 1200 email addresses found that are associated with the 400 firms.