Each Free Pre-Qualification Assessment Will Lead To Becoming Bankable

Each business that completes the free pre-qualification assessment will be shown how and given the tools to become bankable. History tells us that only 3% of the businesses in your market are currently bankable. This makes it easy for you to be the hero and help move that arrow for the other 97% who need to become bankable.

What Is Bankable?
  • Completing Lender Compliance - There are 20 items that lenders will have their computers check to immediately determine if a business a high risk of default. Completing Lender Compliance is simply checking these off before they apply.
  • 10 Reporting Tradelines - It would be foolish to think you could build an excellent personal credit history with only 2 or 3 reporting tradelines. The same is true for business credit. Your system provides the 10 tradelines they must have for services they need.
  • Business Credit Scores - By now you know how important it is in your personal world to have at least 700 FICO scores, right? Well with business credit scores the equivalent of that is having 70 to 80 scores. Your private label helps businesses build those.
  • Business Bank Rating - You know that personal lenders are looking at debt to income for the ability to make the payment. With businesses your bank issues a rating that tells lenders on average how much money you have available to make payments.

Business Finance & Credit System

You will help businesses succeed by giving them the tools to become bankable. And you earn a large amount of recurring revenue for providing the system that does it.

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