What is The Fundability System?

The Fundability Business Finance & Credit System provides Territory Owners with the ability to offer businesses with the highest quality and most user-friendly business finance and credit educational tools. The System is designed to first pre-qualify where the businesses are at right now.

Your Fundability system will provide detailed instructions on how and why to complete all the items of lender compliance that might get them declined. They will receive all the tools for building strong business credit scores. They will know what the approval guidelines are for over 7,000 business credit providers.

Your system will match each business to the credit providers and funding programs they currently pre-qualify for, allow them to submit for funding programs, and show them where their business must improve to pre-qualify for more. It is free for every business you touch.

Qualified, Fundable, Bankable

1. Pre-Qualification Assessment

There are more than 20 funding programs provided by more than 4,000 business lenders inside the System. For small business owners nationwide, the System takes the guess work out of knowing which programs they are pre-qualified.

2. Businesses Becomes Fundable

The Business Finance & Credit System is a step-by-step educational process with a virtual video coach on every step letting small business owners know what to do and why they are doing it.

3. Businesses Being Bankable

All small businesses should strive to be Qualified, Fundable, and Bankable. You will help businesses to do that and not just those you can fund right now. No business is declined, just NOT YET approved!

Why Become A Territory Owner?

Why is it a perfect time to become a Fundability Business Finance & Credit System Territory Owner?

  • To access capital, business owners need to clearly separate their business and personal credit scores.

  • All businesses need access to credit and working capital. The Fundability system teaches how to access it.

  • You provide businesses with access to over 4,000 business lenders and more than 3,000 vendor credit lines.

  • You teach businesses how to complete lender compliance, gain 10 tradelines, and build business credit.

  • You help every business you touch to become Qualified, Fundable, and Bankable. You are their hero.